Jubilee Field Playground

Witley and Milford Parish Council are delighted to announce that the new play equipment in the Jubilee Field has been installed and checked. The playground is now open for business.

Some of you may remember that last year the oak shed a branch, demolishing some of the old equipment. We decided that, for safety, the fenced area should be moved further away from the tree. The play area has been made larger to take some of the old equipment and the new pieces you see in the photo.

There is still some work to do. The two toddler swings will be fitted with new seats later in the year and we are always open to suggestions from residents to make our areas even more enjoyable.

Across the Jubilee Field we now have apparatus to cater for 2 – 14 year olds and, of course, we maintain the open area for football training and matches when teams need additional open space.

Other News

Remembrance Day Preparations

We hope residents will be pleased to see that the Parish Council has erected lamp post poppies again this year, in preparation for Remembrance Day.

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