Our Parish

With a population of 8130, the parish of Witley and Milford is set in a beautiful part of the Surrey Hills covering 11 square miles and encompassing the villages and hamlets of Milford, Witley, Brook, Wormley, Sandhills and Enton. The Parish Council prides itself on delivering a wide range of services and facilities which contribute considerably to the life of the whole community.

The parish area is covered by three tiers of local government: Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Witley and Milford Parish Council. All three tiers provide different services and the Parish Council is committed to working in partnership with each of these authorities, as well as other relevant public service agencies and voluntary organisations to achieve positive results for our area.

The Parish Council is composed of 16 seats and currently has 11 elected and 2 co-opted councillors, all of whom are unpaid volunteers. They care deeply about their community and seek to represent the views of the residents in improving and promoting the parish.  The parish is divided into three wards: Milford, Witley East and Witley West. The Council has a Chair and Vice Chair, who are elected each May at the Annual Meeting of the Council.

Please feel free to contact the parish council staff, they will be more than happy to advise you on any questions or enquiries you may have.

Our office opening hours are 9am-12pm Monday to Friday.

Last modified on May 31st, 2024

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