Transparency and accountability are key values for the Council, all income, spending, and financial decisions are open for anyone to inspect, unless there is an overriding reason otherwise (e.g. commercial sensitivity).

We publish as much as we can on the website, but if you would like any information which isn’t published below please get in touch.

Chair and Vice Chair of the Council 2024-25

At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 30th May 2024, Councillor Maxine Gale was re-elected Chair of the Council, and Councillor Tony Sollars was newly elected as Vice-Chair of the Council.

Temporary closure of Footpath 135, between Church Road and Petworth Road, Witley

Notice from Surrey County Council regarding temporary closure of Footpath 135, between Church Road and Petworth Road, Witley.

Witley Footpath Rights of Way Route 135, Witley

Temporary Closure Notice 2023

Surrey County Council in exercise of its powers under Section 14(2) of The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and of all other enabling powers hereby gives notice that no person shall enter or proceed on foot or by any other means in the entire length of Witley Footpath Rights of Way Route 135 that extends between D151 Church Road and A283 Petworth Road. This Notice is required by Thames Water to install a valve and hydrant onto the water main and/or carry out inspections and/or maintenance works in Witley Footpath Rights of Way Route 135 that extends from its junction with A283 Petworth Road for 20m.

The Notice will come into effect on 09 January 2024 for a period of 5 days. Works are anticipated to be completed between the hours of 8am and 5pm within 4 days of this period. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure which is anticipated to be required for 24 hours each day, will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access for pedestrians, including for emergency services will be maintained to the point of works via Witley Footpath Rights of Way Route 135, D151 Church Lane and A283 Petworth Road. The prohibition referred to above will not apply in respect of anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform or in accordance with any restriction or requirement indicated by traffic signs placed on the highway by or on behalf of the Police.

Kind regards

Sarah Bazley

Traffic Regulation Order Clerk

Highway Operations & Infrastructure

Surrey Highways & Transport

Tel: 0300 200 1003

Contact Us:

Remembrance Day Preparations

We hope residents will be pleased to see that the Parish Council has erected lamp post poppies again this year, in preparation for Remembrance Day.

We have also purchased two unknown soldier silhouettes from the Royal British Legion which are being proudly displayed on the Cherry Tree Road roundabout.

Milford War Memorial has also been cleaned, ready for Remembrance Day; we will be cleaning Witley next year.

Surrey County Council Milford Lodge (D657) Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2023

Surrey County Council propose to make the above mentioned Temporary Traffic Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Milford Lodge (D657) Godalming as extends from its junction with (D657) Busdens Way and includes the eastern semi-circular arm in the vicinity of Pilgrims Court, Milford Lodge to its junction with the (D657) Footpath from Milford Lodge to Church Road. There is no alternative route for this closure. This Order is required to carry out main replacement works by, or on behalf of Thames Water. These works are anticipated to be carried out over 14 weeks, between Monday and Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm during the 12-month period of operation of this Order which will commence on 04 September 2023. Advanced warning signs will be displayed, and the temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access for pedestrians and cyclists will be maintained at all times. Access for emergency services, residents and businesses will be maintained when and where safe to do so. In the event that it is necessary to restrict any access at any time, under Section 3 of the Act, the road can only be closed for a maximum of 8 hours in any 24 hour period. Road plates to be added out of hours.

Dated: 11 August 2023

Authorising Officer: Richard Bolton, Assistant Director – Highways Operations & Infrastructure

Any Enquiries relating to this notice should be directed to:

Traffic Regulation Orders Team
Surrey County Council – Highways
Hazel House Merrow Lane Guildford Surrey GU4 7BQ
Telephone: 0300 200 1003

Jubilee Field Playground

Witley and Milford Parish Council are delighted to announce that the new play equipment in the Jubilee Field has been installed and checked. The playground is now open for business.

Some of you may remember that last year the oak shed a branch, demolishing some of the old equipment. We decided that, for safety, the fenced area should be moved further away from the tree. The play area has been made larger to take some of the old equipment and the new pieces you see in the photo.

There is still some work to do. The two toddler swings will be fitted with new seats later in the year and we are always open to suggestions from residents to make our areas even more enjoyable.

Across the Jubilee Field we now have apparatus to cater for 2 – 14 year olds and, of course, we maintain the open area for football training and matches when teams need additional open space.

Last modified on December 8th, 2022

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